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We have been professionally involved in tourism for many years. We offer multiple services in one place such as accommodation, food, drinks and more. We are located on the island of Rab in the town of Kampor right by the sea. We inherit this family business from our ancestors and teach the younger generations.

This facility started to deal with tourism among the first on the island of Rab, as it is written in old nautical books. We try to present ourselves and stand out in every possible way. It is difficult to express oneself in such a crowd today. The competition is great. Every year we introduce and build something new. We try to follow trends and be innovative. We pay special attention to tourists and the whole family participates.

This destination is special because tourists of various profiles can be found there. From family vacation to active vacation. Cyclists and hikers have a great opportunity to explore. We have beautiful coves of untouched nature for boaters. Families with children with various contents.

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